It is both legitimate and necessary for elected officers, appointees and committee chairs of the Illinois Psychological Association and its divisions to have authority to act as representatives of IPA in their contacts with members and other psychologists, legislators and other officials, the media and the general public. It is the responsibility of the Council to ensure that such representation is accurate, appropriate, consistent with the IPA Mission and consistent with other efforts to implement the Mission. The following guidelines are intended to meet these needs.

Since any individual using letterhead, forms or other printed materials of IPA, its committees or sections has the "apparent authority" of IPA, it becomes the responsibility of the Council to exercise careful control over production and use of official printed materials. Officers, appointees and chairs of all IPA committees, as duly appointed or elected representatives of IPA, shall have access to appropriate materials for the purpose of conducting routine business of their elected or appointed roles. These materials must be requested from the Executive Director. Officers, appointees and chairs of the IPA and its committees and sections are not authorized to develop, produce or use printed materials that are not the official IPA versions of those materials. Copies of all correspondence shall be filed in the IPA Office. Definition and delineation of "routine business" shall be the responsibility of the Council. In general, electronic communications such as website and e-mail shall be subject to the same standards as those described here.

Identification of oneself as an officer, appointee or committee chair of IPA or one of its divisions (whether orally or in written form, on personal or official letterhead, or through electronic means [e.g., website or e-mail]) may be construed to mean that one possesses authority to speak on behalf of IPA. An individual’s authority to represent IPA officers and appointees shall not extend beyond his or her role as defined by the Council.

Individuals acting on behalf of IPA or its divisions must consider that his or her activities occur within the broad context of Illinois Psychology’s legislative and other advocacy efforts, in relation to which there may be critical strategic concerns. Individuals acting on behalf of IPA or its divisions should also be aware that his or her actions may have potential for conflict of interest, restraint of trade or other questions which may yield legal complications. Thus, officers, appointees, committee chairs and members are required to seek advice and consent of the Council prior to "going public" in any manner. Correspondence and announcements intended for public distribution (e.g., testimony, letters to the editor, press releases, public service announcements) shall be reviewed and cleared by the Council and/or their designee prior to release. This shall be done whether dissemination is to be in written form or in oral presentation, using electronic media or some other means.

To facilitate implementation of these guidelines, the Council has established a requirement for documentation that Association members holding key positions have been informed of the guidelines and agree to adhere to them. Please sign this statement and return a copy to our office. If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Director immediately (312-372-7610). Thank you for your cooperation.


Agreement to Adhere to Guidelines for Representing IPA

My signature below confirms that I have read and agree to follow the Guidelines for Representing IPA for as long as I continue to hold a key elected or appointed position within the Association. I also understand that, when leading a group effort, I am responsible for informing committee members and/or other appropriate individuals about the guidelines.




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