Legislative Activity and Alerts

Lisa Grossman J.D., Ph.D.

Fahad Khan, Psy.D., Co-Chair

The IPA is very active in the legislative process at both the state and federal level. As an organization, the IPA takes stands in support of, and opposition to, bills. It also introduces bills to the state legislature. IPA members, interested psychologists and consumers are encouraged to play a role in the legislative process and this section of the Website provides them with the tools needed to engage in this process.

I. Description:
The Legislative Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:
1) Monitoring, developing and promoting legislation at State and Federal levels which has relevance to the interest and practice of psychology,

2) Developing and maintaining relationships with legislators and legislative committees having an interest in the mental health and well-being of the citizens of Illinois.

3) Recommending to Council legislative actions to be taken in the interest of the
profession and the public.

Generally the 3rd Friday of the month @ 1:00 PM @ the IPA office ( except January, April, June , and September when meetings are on the 3rd Saturday from 8:00AM to 9:20 AM immediately proceeding IPA quarterly Council meetings which start @ 9:30AM).

III.Continuing Education Events:
The IPA-LC generally presents a formal workshop @ the IPA Annual Convention in November. This event typically runs 1 ½ hours affording participants 1.5 CE’s.

VII. Grassroots Efforts:
The IPA-LC mentors and encourages psychologists willing to forge relationships and liaisons with their legislators to advance the science and practice of psychology and to serve others for the public good.

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