About the IPA Referral Search

The Illinois Psychological Association (IPA) provides this service to help you locate qualified psychologists in your area.

Here you can find information on the psychologist’s office locations, professional licenses held and areas of specialty.

Once you have obtained a list of psychologists in your local area, call and interview several over the phone to determine which one is the best match for you and make an appointment.

When you interview the psychologist you have chosen, ask about fees for the services that will be provided.

Psychologists schedule clients not only during regular weekday hours but also during evenings and weekends. Ask for convenient times for you.

When you meet with the psychologist you have chosen, an interactive process will begin to identify and define the problem you are experiencing and the situation in which it arises. The psychologist will provide a confidential, safe environment for you or your family to work through the issues necessary to solve the problem.