Governor Pat Quinn (D) Signed Into Law Historic Bill, Sponsored by the Illinois Psychological Association

Prescriptive Authority Given to Licensed Clinical Psychologists

PRESS RELEASE (Archived from 2014)

Beth N. Rom-Rymer, PhD, President, Illinois Psychological Association
cell: 312-961-1735

Terrence Koller, PhD, Executive Director, Illinois Psychological Association
office: 312-372-7610 x202

Chicago, Illinois (June 25, 2014) Today, at 3:30 pm, Governor Pat Quinn (D) has signed into law the historic bill, sponsored by the Illinois Psychological Association, that gives prescriptive authority to licensed clinical psychologists, with advanced, specialized training, to prescribe certain medications for the treatment of mental health disorders. Illinois has now become the third state in the country, after New Mexico and Louisiana, to give prescriptive authority to licensed clinical psychologists with this specialized training. Introduced by Senator Don Harmon (D), President Pro Tem of the Illinois Senate, Senator Dave Syverson (R), Representative John E. Bradley (D), and Representative Raymond Poe (R).

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