The Backlash against Women in the Workplace with Workshops on Coping with Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination

Friday, December 8, 2017
9:00 AM to 4:15 PM

Presented by IPA’s Working Committee on Hate and Harassment

4.5 Continuing Education Credits

About the Workshop

Recent events are eliciting victims’ awareness and memories of sexual harassment and other ill treatment by others. Clients often describe their experience of being subjected to bullying, harassment, and discrimination as part of their motivation for entering treatment. While the clinical literature does not tend to be nuanced about interventions in these situations, social psychologists have conducted research on the relative effectiveness of various strategies to counteract this treatment, both interpersonally and emotionally. This program includes a talk by an internationally known social psychologist who is an expert on the psychology of women and two workshops taught by social psychologists designed to review the literature on the topic and teach clinicians skills that they can communicate to their clients.

Alice Eagly, Ph.D.
Dorainne Green, Ph.D.
Robyn Mallett, Ph.D.
Rayne Bozeman, M.A.


Illinois Psychological Association
Building Conference Room
67 East Madison Street 18th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603
312-372-7610 x201

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