IPA Referral Program

About the Program


The Illinois Psychological Association receives numerous inquiries and calls from consumers who wish to obtain psychological services. For example, Illinois residents calling the American Psychological Association for referrals are directed to the Illinois Psychological Association. The IPA is listed in a variety of mental health directories that also generate referrals. The IPA is currently undertaking its own public relations campaign, in tandem with the APA’s Public Education Campaign, and that too generates calls to the Consumer Information Program. The IPA website referral program is a valuable consumer resource. Consumers can search, not only by location but, by specialty area.

When a phone inquiry is received, the names of 3 IPA Members who are listed in the Consumer Information Program are given as a public information service to the caller according to the caller’s city or zip code area. No statement related to competence or specialty practice area is given. It is the professional responsibility of the psychologist to determine if he or she has the skills necessary to assist the caller or if an appropriate referral is indicated.

Application Instructions
To be listed in IPA Referral Program (PLP phone referrals and Website listing) you must be a Licensed Member of the Illinois Psychological Association. If you are not a Member but wish to join the IPA, you can become a member and get listed in the IPA Referral Search at the same time.

If you are a Licensed Member and wish to participate in the IPA referral program,

1. Complete the Website Referral Application Form

2. Mail:
(a) a copy of your Clinical Psychologist License or Certification as a School Psychologist
(b) a copy of the face sheet of your current liability insurance indicating that it is active and provides a minimum of $1/1 coverage to:

IPA Referral Service
203 N. Wabash Ave. Suite 1404
Chicago, Illinois 60601

3. Pay the indicated fee if you have not already done so as part of the online registration.

If you have not joined online, you can still join the combined IPA Website Referral and Psychologist Locator Program (PLP) services. The introductory yearly fee (July 1 to June 30) is $50 for this opportunity. Clinical Practice Section Members pay $30. Payment can be made by either sending a check to:

IPA Referral Services
203 N. Wabash Ave. Suite 1404
Chicago, IL 60601

or by leaving your credit card information (Master Card or Visa only) on our confidential voicemail (312-372-7610 x. 250). When leaving information tell us the name on the credit card, the credit card number,the expiration date and the billing address for the credit card. Also tell us how much you authorize us to charge on the card.

Group practices or business names are not permitted. It is the responsibility of psychologist subscribers to send a new copy of their insurance and license/certification if they are renewed during the year. Failure to do so will result in our name being deactivated from the Program until the information is received.

When we receive your payment and paperwork your name will be activated on our Phone/Website Referral Service. Thank you.