Is the IPA RxP Initiative new or sudden in its process?

The RxP Subcommittee of the IPA Legislative Committee was established in 1991 with the express purpose of pursuing prescriptive authority for psychologists with APA approved specialized training in clinical psychopharmacology. IPA first introduced a prescriptive authority bill in 1998 with state Senator Carol Ronen as our chief sponsor. This RxP initiative has been routinely discussed in association meetings or forums that are open to all members. Since 1991 prescription privileges for psychologists in Illinois has been discussed and designated as an active agenda item with the membership of IPA and publicly on numerous and regular occasions. IPA elected officers and section chairs have followed specific IPA policies regarding IPA activities on prescription privileges just as it follows these specific processes for other action items. The issue of prescription privileges has been regularly discussed at monthly Legislative Committee meetings. These meetings are open to any IPA member and the times and dates of these monthly open meetings are posted in every issue of the IPA quarterly Newsletter. Since 2006, the issue of prescription privileges has been the subject of at least one article in every newsletter except for 2 of the last 19 issues of the Illinois Psychologist and has been discussed at every Legislative Committee meeting in all but 2 Council meetings. We know that IPA Area Code Representatives have discussed RxP with their constituents in both formal and informal meetings. From January 2011 through the present, the RxP legislative initiative has been discussed at every Council meeting (January 22, 2011, April 16, 2011, June 18, 2011, September 17, 2011, and January 21, 2012). At the January 2011, the September 2011, and the January 2012 meetings votes had been taken on this initiative. At every one of these votes, the RxP initiative had been confirmed nearly unanimously with, at times one abstention or, at other times, two abstentions. There were no negative votes. Moreover, in every IPA Newsletter, an RxP Committee is shown as an official Committee of the Association.


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