How do prescribing psychologists affect liability insurance premiums?

In states that have passed RxP legislation, liability insurance premiums have been raised 15% only for psychologists with licenses to prescribe who are insured by The Trust. To date, very few malpractice complaints have been filed against prescribing psychologists and most were dismissed, according to Dr. Jana Martin, CEO of The Trust. Non- prescribing psychologists have seen no increase in their rates. There has also been much testimony by prescribing psychologists throughout the country, including psychologists who prescribe on Indian reservations, psychologists who prescribe in the United States Public Health Service, psychologists who prescribe in the United States Coast Guard, psychologists who prescribe in United States military facilities throughout the world, and psychologists who prescribe in RxP states that corroborate this assertion for prescribing psychologists’ practicing over the past 30 years.


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