IPA RxP Intiative FAQ Summary

In summary, the issue of prescription privileges has been discussed at open monthly Legislative Committee meetings as posted in the quarterly newsletter sent to all IPA members. The results of the Committee meetings are brought to Council for discussion and vote. Elected IPA officers then pursue Council objectives based upon the results of any votes. As far back as 1991 there have been discussions, motions, and votes to pursue prescription privileges in Illinois at Quarterly Council meetings, in quarterly newsletters and, since at least 2006, at every All- Association meeting. All IPA meetings are open to any IPA member and dates and times are posted in the newsletter. Given the track record of psychologists who have attained prescriptive authority in other states and/or through employment in Federal agencies or in the Federal government, liability and insurance rates have not been at all adversely affected. In 2011 and 2012 prescription privileges have, as voted for by Council, been pursued with funding outside of typical IPA revenue streams and as such have been funded, either by a grant from APA or in specific funds raised by IPA leadership by outside contributions specifically earmarked for this purpose. Once the legislative agenda has been approved by the IPA Council, the IPA legislative agenda will be pursued aggressively by the IPA and its lobbyists.

Beth N. Rom-Rymer, Ph.D.
IPA President

Bruce E. Bonecutter, Ph.D.
Past IPA President
Past IPA Representative to APA Council
IPA Parliamentarian

Terrence Koller, Ph.D., ABPP
Past IPA President
IPA Executive Director

Steven Rothke, Ph.D., ABPP
Past IPA President
Chair, IPA Consulting Section
Chair, IPA By-Laws Committee

And in consultation with the following IPA officers:

Armand Cerbone, Ph.D.
IPA Past President
IPA Representative to APA Council

Randy Georgemiller, Ph.D.
IPA Past President
IPA Representative to APA Council

Blaine Lesnik, Psy.D.
IPA Membership Chair

Patricia Pimental, Psy.D., ABPN
IPA Past President
Chair, IPA Legislative Committee

Bob Rinaldi, Ph.D.
Chair, IPA RxP Subcommittee

Greg Sarlo, Ph.D.
IPA Immediate Past President

Joseph Troiani, Ph.D.
IPA Treasurer


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