Bill Status of HB3074 98th General Assembly


Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Clinical Psychologist Licensing Act. Provides that the Clinical Psychologists Licensing and Disciplinary Board shall grant certification as prescribing psychologists to doctoral level psychologists licensed under the Act. Provides application requirements for certification as a prescribing psychologist. Provides that the Board shall establish a method for the renewal every 2 years of prescribing psychologist certificates. Provides procedures for safety and record keeping. Provides that when a psychologist is authorized to prescribe controlled substances, a prescribing psychologist shall file, in a timely manner, any individual Drug Enforcement Agency registrations and identification numbers with the Board. Requires certain communication between the Board and the State Board of Pharmacy. Provides requirements for licensure by endorsement. Defines related terms. Amends the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. Includes prescribing psychologist in the definition of "prescriber".

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