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Indicate your support for licensing specialty trained psychologists to prescribe medications, where appropriate, by filling out the form below. We will be using your name, on a list of our supporters, to be presented to Illinois lawmakers. We will not use your information, in any other modality, unless you indicate, in the comments section, that you would like us to contact you about other ways in which you can support this legislative initiative. By filling out the form, you will be indicating your support for the statement below:

Funding cuts, doctor shortages, and other inadequate care options have created a very real, very dangerous mental health care crisis in Illinois. Giving prescriptive authority to psychologists, who elect to complete extensive additional training and clinical work, beyond the traditional doctoral degree, internships, and fellowships, will provide a meaningful answer to this problem. Allowing comprehensive care by psychologists can help solve the current healthcare crisis.

The work of the prescribing psychologist would not supersede the good work done by psychiatrists, hospital medical and social service staff, primary care physicians, and community center staff. Instead, the prescribing psychologist becomes a vital member of the healthcare community who can buttress existing services as well as serve populations who are currently underserved.”

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