Dr. Alan M. Jaffe is the Director of a Clinical and Forensic private practice, Alan M. Jaffe, Psy. D. and Associates. He is a member of the faculty of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry where he has been teaching and providing supervision for the last 33 years.

Dr. Jaffe’s long-standing area of expertise has been in the area of individual and couples therapy, divorce related issues, addictive disorders. He has been distinguished in his teaching, article publications and author of book chapters. Included in his publications are articles that deal with psychological assessment in child custody and Forensic Psychology, such as, A Forensic Child Custody Evaluation in Law Trends & News, ABA General Practice, Essentials of a Forensic Custody Evaluation, in the Family Advocate: American Bar Association. Dependent Personality as an Affirmative Defense in the Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, The American Family in the Twenty-first Century: Fall 2013, The Wealth Channel Magazine.

He has been asked to consult with the Marriage Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Chicago on matters that involve alcoholism and substance abuse in divorcing couples that are seeking annulment. He has testified in high profile rape and murder cases where substance use was an issue to be considered by the jury in their deliberations.

Dr. Jaffe was uniquely granted permission to administer psychological testing to elected members of the House and Senate of the Illinois General Assembly for a research study of this population. In addition, he has worked with aviation and the airline industry where he has served as a consultant. He brings a large fund of psychological knowledge to this industry as a licensed pilot.

An unusual honor to be bestowed on a psychologist, Dr. Jaffe has been selected to be published in the University of La Verne Law Review for his work on divorce and child custody matters. He has served as a consulting editor to Complete Guide to Women’s Health, an encyclopedia published by the American Medical Association Publication. In addition he has been published in several American Bar Association Journals. His work as an expert witness has been noted by his recognition in the Jury Verdict Reporter.

Dr. Jaffe has authored book chapters, articles and published internationally in the area of psychological testing, substance abuse and compulsive disorders as well as conducting over 2,000 evaluations to determine fitness, competence, job suitability and disability. As a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners, Dr. Jaffe is considered a leading expert witness in the psychological evaluation of individuals involved in legal cases concerning fitness for duty, sexual harassment, custody disputes, alcohol and drug related crimes, and murder. He currently is completing a book entitled Managing the High Risk Employee.

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