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Marsha Karey


You may be interested in this statement about the Science Behind Why Women May Not Report Sexual Assault, from APA Dr. President Jessica Henderson Daniel, September 24, 2018.

The mission of the Women’s Issues Section is to promote: (1) the professional interests of women psychologists in IPA, (2) the psychological happiness and well-being of female patients/clients through psychological services, and (3) the psychological happiness and well-being of women in the broader community. We support and empower women to own their own reflective minds, experience stable self-worth, and use their voices. We uphold the broad ranging inclusive ideals related to gender equality in the first, second, third, and fourth waves of feminism, and the lens of multicultural diversity of womanism.

Our mission is pursued through a variety of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Connecting women in the section and IPA, and identifying and addressing issues affecting them
  • Hosting presentations and discussions of broader women’s issues in the community
  • Offering continuing education activities on psychotherapy, psychological services, scholarship, and research
  • Working in liaison with other local and national women’s associations and organizations
  • Proactively advocating for women’s issues as they relate to psychology

Our mission is also pursued through our commitment to certain core values:

  • Inclusion and pluralism in clinical practice, psychotherapeutic orientation, ideas, perspectives, scholarship, training, and research (i.e., including non-reductionism, post-positivism)
  • Respectful, constructive, ethical, caring, relationships in clinical practice, psychotherapy, training, ongoing professional development, and professional collegial relations
  • Diversity and inclusion in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity

Message from the Chair 

Women need psychologists who are in the know about issues of critical importance. Economic equality, safe workplace laws, sexual safety, reproductive rights, child rearing, childcare, work/life balance, the list can go on. 

Welcome! One of the best ways to strengthen women’s voices and helping meet their needs is through joining the Women’s Issues Section of IPA.

What will your membership afford you?

  • Interviews with psychologists, policy makers, researchers and others who will help deepen our understanding of how to best serve women.  Since women birth everyone, we are helping serve everyone.
  • Community with other psychologists curious about and caring for women.
  • A forum in which to exchange valuable information: Articles, studies, chapters, TED Talks and the like.

Who Can Join? Anyone interested in furthering the interests of women, regardless of gender/gender identity are invited to join the Women’s Issues Section. Membership in IPA is required. To join, contact: Marsha Karey, IPA Executive Director at 312-372-7610 x201 or mkarey@illinoispsychology.org I look forward to getting to know you, and to all that we can accomplish together.

I hope you will join us!

Be well!



Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs by Leslie Forde

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